Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce website design has evolved over the last few years. With the advent of Social Media the traditional ecommerce platforms were no longer flexible enough to reach the target market. We have used many ecommerce platforms over the last 5 tears. We currently have our favourite. It allows you to sell directly from Facebook, is SEO optimized, cheap and easy to use. What are we talking about? The platform is called Shopify. It is the greatest thing since sliced bread and you should seriously consider this platform if you are looking at starting or already own an ecommerce store.

Here are the Reasons Shopify is Great :

Integration with Facebook

Shopify was built around use on Facebook. This is fantastic as it serves as both a traditional e-commerce store as well as a second one directly on Facebook. You can target all your Facebook followers directly on Facebook. They don’t have to leave. This also allows you to market directly on Facebook and increase your follower base. We have had great success with sales on Facebook. We have found that when moving to Shopify sales increase by up to 200%. This is just through leveraging the power of Facebook Marketing.
Search Engine Optimization

Shopify is built for modern content marketing. They have optimized all aspects of products and pages for SEO and high rankings. You have a lot of flexibility for SEO, much more than any other e-commerce platform. As it is hosted on the cloud, page speed and load times are super-fast and reliable. You don’t have to worry about your server’s uptime or hackers. Shopify is as secure as you get as it is not hosted by you but by them.
Plug and Play Integrations

You get a choice of free integration with all the major payment processors. You don’t need to code or go through complicated setup procedures. It is plug and play and you pay a monthly platform fee which includes maintenance security and payment processing. This is usually where the headache in e-commerce comes in. This headache is totally eliminated in this platform.
Drag and Drop Builder

You have an easy drag and drop builder which is perfect for setting up a beautiful e-commerce store. You can setup a blog for SEO and various other types of pages Shopify is a no-nonsense easy to use platform which allows you to build either simple or complex large e-commerce stores with no downtime and super-tight security.
Free Trial

If you are not sure whether you would like Shopify or not, it comes with a free trial which allows you to fully test the platform before you buy. It is a great platform, we have tried all the competitors and frankly there is none of them that really comes close. Shopify regularly updates with new tools and other additions and 5 years from now it will be so far ahead that I believe other e-commerce platform will simply die out. For professional Shopify development visit :

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