The Importance of Reflection with A Course In Miracles

By: David Hoffmeister

David: A Course In Miracles (ACIM) Workbook for Pupils is a designed
method for leading the mind right into meditation. Jesus does not assume
the mind is already educated, so he has actually made a system to take you slowly,
step by step, as well as the more you go into the ACIM Workbook, the much more
exercises you will certainly find leading you into the silence. It does not
stress body positions or breathing methods or incantations, but it
quickly eliminates the particles and also the mess as well as the chatter.


Q: When we are definitely in the ego as well as we are doing A Program In Miracles
and also the ACIM lessons, exactly what do we do? Because concept is fine, however give us
something practical we can do when we get stuck.

David: You have to feel out what help you. What I did was to make use of
a tape I had of sayings from the Program incorporated with mild songs,
as well as I would just unwind and also listen to this tape, and also the ego would certainly
always disappear. One-time when I was in the circumstance you
explain, I went to a chair in my living-room and also took a seat and claimed
to the ego: I’m not leaving the chair up until you leave my mind! I.
have nowhere to go as well as nothing to do. (Giggling) So there were no.
disturbances. Often the ego desires you to obtain hectic as well as sidetracked.

A Course In Miracles (ACIM) is a fast means to reverse the ego, as well as the ego.
resistance to it is enormous. If you get to a factor where it appears.
also severe, it is alright to set guide down for a time. The Holy.
Spirit as well as Jesus will never ever anger. There are stories of people.
making use of ACIM as a doorstop or a plant stand. However when the moment.
is right, they select it back up. There are other tales of people.
reading the Training course and also having great problem understanding the.
significance. After that through a moment of insight and also preparedness, they can.
review ACIM and also understand even more deeply. It is really an issue.
of desire in the mind, as well as not a matter of just how much you read or.
just how quick you go. Always be mild with on your own. If you miss a.
practice duration or two, just notice the mistake, give it to the Holy.
Spirit, and also start to practice once more. Don’t compound the mistake by.
beating yourself for missing out on a method duration. Hold your horses as well as.
always mild with your mind.

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