Poker Book Review – Phil Shaw – Secrets of Sit’N’Gos

In this book he presents the arrangement, and covers the most critical facets of winning at them consistently.

“Secrets of sit’n’gos” is well written and well ordered, following an initial short introduction into the structure, the first part covers a couple of things that many different guides and books shine over, specifically pre-game prep fun88.

This segment looks at game choice, blind levels, competitions, formats, along with multitabling, amongst others. The following section includes a concise introduction to a few of the theories that come up during the publication, such as EV and ICM.

Even though these first two segments are not that long, it is very good to find these subjects being said before the writer dives in the games!

The subsequent 6 segments are divided between the various phases of sit and go perform, using a segment each for early, middle, and late game, bubble, at the cash, and heads upward.

Sectioning it like that enables the reader to comprehend the difference between those phases, and how otherwise they ought to be played.

All situations are covered at every point, from deep into short pile, and the arrangement of those sections reads quite well, with significant concerns about ICM and other theories thrown in for good measure.

The ‘in the money’ and heads upward sections are especially good, and many gamers will understand how tight they perform compared to what the writer thinks is best, together with the shove/call/fold tables to get heads up play being especially intriguing.

A couple of brief segments follow, on non-standard goes and sit, along with other miscellaneous topics, and then the greatest section by much, taking up around 2/5 of the publication, is that the quiz section.

Total the book covers all elements of sit and go’s, describing things just enough for novices, but definitely going deep enough that nearly all players will get something from reading this novel. Recommended.



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