Vinegar For Genital Warts Diagnosis and Treatment

Vinegar has many applications for genital warts. To begin with, it’s used in diagnosing the stated sexually transmitted disease. It may also be used as a treatment for genital warts and relieve the symptoms while they’re still at the early phases apple cider vinegar for warts.

If they do, the warts can appear as miniature cauliflower-shaped lesions which might be flat or raised. They can begin as small, around two millimeters in diameter, but they might grow big and enlarge to enormous clusters from the rectal and genital regions. They’re not hard to detect if they’re raised and are large enough to be observed from the naked eye. But, there are instances when they exist but are hardly noticeable. Therefore, in treating genital warts, your health care provider will normally employ a three to four percent acetic alternative, or white vinegar, straight into the suspected infected places.

White vinegar, that is made up of acetic acid, which will turn the warts white upon program. On the other hand, the white stains don’t necessarily signify the existence of genital warts. He/she can also perform a biopsy in case some more abnormalities are found.

Vinegar can also be used for different tests for genital warts. Some physicians use vinegar at a test known as an acid wrap. A gauze strip or piece of fabric is first soaked in white vinegar. It’s then wrapped around the genital region of the person for around 10 minutes. Like the lactic acid test mentioned previously, the pieces of the genital region that become whitened are recognized to as possible genital warts.

Apart from identification, vinegar can also be utilized as a remedy for genital warts. It’s effective against genital warts since it includes acetic and lactic acid which help fight bacteria, parasites, and viruses. These acids operate together with the naturally-occurring acids on your body to produce a new compound which will help fight harmful germs

According to folk customs, you need to soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and use it in order to use the remedy to your own warts. Following that, you must tape it on the affected area and leave it immediately. When you awake in the morning, take off the patch and wash the region with warm water. This will be carried out every day for a week, based upon the intensity of your case. In case your vaginal warts are large and acute or if your immune system is compromised, then you might need to replicate this procedure to get a few more weeks. You might also choose to soak the regions with genital warts straight in apple cider vinegar twice or once per day. Notice, however, that this can irritate your sensitive genital region so ask your physician first before using this therapy.