Salt Rooms Vs. Salt Caves

Artificial Salt Rooms are popping up around the Nation. They’re an inexpensive method of providing the people a “flavor of what actual salt treatment” is all about. These synthetic salt chambers are built by putting a metal grid on the walls then mixing sea salt using synthetic resins and applying the mixture to the wall by hand before all of the spaces are coated. Some salt chambers utilize this technique in their ceilings too. The ground is covered in sea salt that is loose CBD Spray UK.

A few of the materials utilized for the building of the room could become breeding grounds for bacteria.

Bearing this in mind, manufacturers of Halo-generators recommend that after each 45 minute session the room be treated with an ultra violet light to destroy any bacteria within the room.

Salt is introduced into the environment through using a machine known as a Halo-generator. The Halo-generator has numerous metallic blades which grinds and blows crushed salt up into the air, at a continual high speed, with an audible sound. This way of distributing sodium chloride salt particle aerosol (about 0.3 -0.5 microns) can accommodate a room up to 300 square feet.

The building of a salt cave is extremely different.

Salt caves are constructed with tons of imported large salt rocks, natural resins, wood and water characteristics that produce a natural micro climate, totally free of bacteria. This sterile environment full of negative ions helps to relax and modulate the nervous system, freeing the body from the stresses of external stimuli and initiating healing and rebalancing.

Salt Caves do not utilize halo- generators or other mechanical or artificial means of “spraying salt”. Salt oxidizes mechanical components, which then spray unhealthy oxides into the surroundings. The salt in a cave regenerates and grows because the water features found within the cave feed the micro climate with a salt saturated solution called sole (pronounced so-LAY). This is exactly the identical solution that is found in the primal oceans and in embryonic fluid.

This exceptional microclimate is enriched with 84 trace micro-elements, the very same elements found within the body. They’re absorbed by the human organism in a pure way through respiration and one’s pores. Since these elements are inhaled and absorbed into the body, the human body’s PH is leveled and returns to the healthful state of homeostasis. Water and salt are the basis of life. The result: the human body and mind are in excellent balance and you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and energized.


Disorders of metabolism: obesity treatment

As a drug-free treatment for asthma, bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and sinusitis salt caves focus on the origin of the issue instead of simply suppressing the symptoms like medication does. It’s a drug-free solution that’s free from side-effects.